Tatra Fest Bieg - competition on the route.

Tatra Fest - from dawn till dusk.

Passion, adventure and getting involved in the heart of the Tatra Mountains.

Garmin Ultra Race - report from the race.

Three seasons, three different races.

Garmin Ultra Race in Poland. Perfect for beginners and experienced mountain runners.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

Babia Góra fight against time and weaknesses.

Ultramarathon in which 9 competitors managed to fit within the time limit over 8 years.

Photos from the route of Chudy Wawrzyniec, a mountain run in Beskid Żywiecki.

The elusive peace of the Żywiec Beskids.

Picturesque cross-country trails marked out along mountain paths and border trails.

Runners in the winter scenery of the Karkonosze ultramarathon.

This is not a race for the novice runner.

The Karkonosze Winter Ultramarathon is a test of physical and mental endurance.

Participants in the Ultra Grania Tatr race conquer the difficult mountain route.

The most breathtaking views.

Ultra Grania Tatr Run. Exposure, loose stones, significant elevation gains, changeable weather. 

Participants of the running festival during the mountain running route in the Tatra Mountains.

Skyrunning in the Tatra Mountains.

Tatra Running Festival, an event appreciated by the World Mountain Running Association.

Mountain runners on the route of the Bieg Rzeznika festival, an ultramarathon held in the Bieszczady Mountains.

The Butcher's Run

Bieszczady is a land of space, magic and hidden secrets.

The competitors overcome one of the longest mountain runs in Poland. Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival.

240 kilometers around the Kłodzko Valley.

They say running gives you freedom. Especially when the route covers seven mountain ranges.

Mountain landscape in the morning.

Mud, morning mists and deserted valleys.

Lemkowyna Ultra Trail – trail running challenge in the Wild Lands of Lemkos.

Snow-covered cross-country trails in the Polish mountains.

Mountains, winter and running.

What to consider when running in the mountains in winter.

Winter running in the mountains, tracks in deep snow.

Winter trail in the Gorce Mountains.

A moment of relaxation and oblivion on mountain trails in winter scenery. 

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