About Us

The Motoko brand combines technically innovative solutions with a refined natural form. We make clothes that create synthetic support for women during their sports activities. Thanks to our products, you will feel confident while your body is protected.


Femininity is the main inspiration for our activewear. Every detail is carefully thought out to boost your self-confidence and make you feel unrestricted freedom in your own body. Thanks to our orignal designs you will be able to express yourself whereever you train.

Technical performance

Our sportswear collection was created to support women during long hours of outdoor activities. Using technical materials of the best quality, we provide optimal ergonomics and functionality for a high-performance women’s apparel. Efficient and comfortable for exploring mountain paths, Motoko’s designs will provide even more reliable in the gym, tennis court or while running in the park.


Motoko is a Polish company. Our apparel is designed and produced in Poland, in cooperation with the most qualified manufacturers specializing in sportswear. For production, we use components made only in Europe. Acting in accordance with EU law and guided by the ethics of sustainable development, we ensure that all parts of the manufacturing process are safe, efficient and focused on minimizing the impact on the environment.




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