Winter Janosik / Zimowy Janosik

The Most Robber Winter Running Event in Podhale.

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Runners cover the route of Zimowy Janosik in the snow.

   A unique winter running event takes place in the picturesque area of Podhale – Winter Janosik. This event attracts runners with experience in winter competitions as well as lovers of activities in low temperatures with less experience, who want to spend unforgettable moments in the mountains.

Runners cover the route of Zimowy Janosik in the snow.

   The routes are demanding, but the time limit for each of them is friendly to the participants, which makes Winter Janosik a race not only for the strongest competitors. Four routes have been prepared to suit different levels of fitness and ambitions of the participants.

Spacer Murgrabiego (+50 km) This is a real running marathon that pushes the limits of endurance. The route takes participants through picturesque villages and mountain ridges.

Bedzies Kwiczoł (30 km) This is a challenge for more experienced runners, offering a longer route and more spectacular views.

Zawiany Pyzdra (+20km) A good choice for those just starting out in winter running.

Kierpce Maryny (10 km) This route is a good choice for those who are just beginning their adventure of running in winter conditions.

Runners cover the route of Zimowy Janosik in the snow.

   Murgrabi’s Walk is the longest route runners can choose on Zimowy Janosik. It traditionally starts at Bachledowa Dolina and participants run straight to the path in the treetops. There, they can admire breathtaking views that will surely gladden their hearts. After a short rest and admiration of the panorama, runners follow the blue trail to Osturniańska Przełęcz. In Osturni, a Lemko village with picturesque cottages, participants have the opportunity to learn about local culture and history. They then cross the border and reach the Łapszanka Pass to Danusia. Here they can eat and drink while enjoying the breathtaking panorama of the Tatras. After a short rest, the runners continue to the People’s House in Łapsze Niżne, where they can dance to highland music and relax after a long run. From here it is “only” 21 kilometres to the finish line. However, these last few kilometres are extremely demanding. The exposed ridges of the Spišská Loop can be quite challenging, especially in winter, but it’s challenges like these that make the Winter Janosik unforgettable. The fire station in Dursztyn is a place where runners can rest and recharge their batteries before the final stage, which of course takes them through the beloved Żary. In the end, there is ‘only’ the final charge to the finish line in Niedzica, where participants will be greeted with highlander nectar and hot food. Here they can also take part in traditional bandit-style dances and games.

Runners cover the route of Zimowy Janosik in the snow.

   Another starting point is “Bedzies Kwicoł”, which is thirty intense kilometres long. The starting point is the castle in Niedzica. The route passes through many picturesque places, including Łapsze Niżne and Grandeus, which test the endurance of many runners. After crossing Żar and overcoming many other difficulties, participants reach the finish line in Niedzica, where they can enjoy some well-deserved rest and fun.

Runners cover the route of Zimowy Janosik in the snow.

   During the entire competition, each competitor must have mandatory equipment with him, which will be verified before the start or during the race. Lack of the necessary equipment may result in a penalty or disqualification of the competitor.

  • A running backpack or running bag that holds all the mandatory equipment;
  • Container or bottles for liquids with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters;
  • A cup for drinks (the organizer allows the use of a water bottle);
  • Turned on and charged phone with active roaming;
  • List of emergency telephone numbers – provided by the Organizer in the starting package;
  • NRC foil, dimensions: min. 160×200 cm;
  • A buff hat or scarf;
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket (with recommended parameters of at least 10,000 mm water resistance; and 10,000 g/m2/24h breathability);
  • Gloves;
  • Long leggings or jogging pants;
  • Footwear intended for mountain running – ATTENTION: when running on a path among the treetops, it is prohibited to use shoes with spikes and grips!!!
    starting number (attached to the front on the chest or belt, visible throughout the competition)

   The final mandatory equipment may change based on the expected weather during the competition and will be provided during the pre-start briefing and information will be posted in the competition office. Mandatory checking of mandatory equipment will take place immediately before the start, but the organizer reserves the right to check mandatory equipment at any time during the competition. A time penalty of 30 minutes will be added for missing one item, and 60 minutes for missing two items. If three or more items are missing, the competitor may be disqualified.

Spacer Murgrabiego – Distance: 55 km Elevation: + 1600/- 1950 m
Bedzies Kwicoł – Distance: 30 km Elevation: + 1050/- 1100 m
Zawiany Pyzdra– Distance: 20 km Elevation: + 600/- 900 m
Kierpce Maryny – Distance: 10 km Elevation: + 350/- 350 m

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Photography: Magdalena Sedlak

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