Babia Góra fight against time and weaknesses

Ultramarathon in which 9 competitors managed to fit within the time limit over 8 years.

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Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

     You need less than 90 minutes by car to get from Krakow to the Babia Góra National Park. Then only 17 hours to cover 100km on the highest peak in Poland outside the Tatra Mountains and you can boast of completing Ultramarathon Babia Góra. 10th finisher in 10 years.
     Babia Góra is a mountain massif on the border of Poland and Slovakia in the Western Beskids which are part of the Western Carpathians. The highest peak of the massif is Diablak 1725m. Every year in June, runners come to small towns around the massif to take part in one of the most difficult mountain runs in Poland, Ultramarathon Babia Góra. The competition takes place over distances from 10km to 100km, of which the longest run, Ultramarathon 6xBabia Góra, attracts the most attention. The number in the name of each race means the number of ascents to the top. There are five routes to Diablak, differing in length and nature of the approach. Varied ground, from forest paths overgrown with roots, sections paved with stones to massive boulders and sections secured with chains, the entire length of the route requires preparation for the run and constant vigilance. The weather doesn’t help either. Babia Góra is famous for its raw and capricious aura. Strong winds at the top, frequent and heavy rainfall and high temperatures in June. All this combined with high volatility and violent weather can affect the condition of the players.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

     What makes this competition one of the most difficult is the time limit, which means that only the best manage to overcome the longest route within the imposed time limit. Suffice it to say that in the years 2014-2022 only 9 times the players managed to fit within the time limit, including one woman. Ultramarathon Babia Góra is not a competition with other competitors, it is primarily a competition with a time limit and elevation gains in the beautiful scenery of the Babia Góra National Park. Due to the restrictions of the national park, a limited number of runners can participate in the event. On shorter distances, it is less than 200 participants per run, and on the longest distances, respectively, 90 (6xBabia Góra) and 40 (10xBabia Góra) runners.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.
Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

     The routes are routed along tourist trails as well as fragments off the tourist trails. Off-track sections are marked with colored tapes. Additional signs with arrows will be placed in difficult points. On the night section of the route, the markings will have reflectors. Starting in the 6xBabia Góra Ultramarathon, the competition can be completed at a distance of 5xBabia Góra or 4xBabia Góra. The decision on the choice of distance is made by the competitor on the route of the 6xBabia Góra run – at the top of Babia Góra. Completion of 6xBabia Góra and 5xBabia Góra is associated with receiving 5 points in the ITRA qualification at ITRA mountain level: 9.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

10xBabia Góra Ultramarathon – Distance: 100 km Elevation: +7700 m/ -7700 m
6xBabia Góra Ultramarathon – Distance: 100 km Elevation: +7000 m/ -7000 m
3XBabia Góra Marathon – Distance: 40 km Elevation: +2800 m/ -2800 m
2XBabia Góra Skyrace® – Distance: 20 km Elevation: +1730 m/ -1730 m

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Photography: Radosław Denisiuk, Magdalena Sedlak


Feel the magic of Babia Mountain!

Press release before the 10th edition.
   The next edition of the Babia Góra Ultramarathon is ahead of us. For years, this event has been gathering mountain running enthusiasts at the feet of the Queen of the Beskids. This year, the Babia Góra Ultramarathon will take place on June 3 and once again, mountain runners will be hosted by the picturesque Lipnica Wielka. As part of the 10th edition of the event, participants will compete in runs over distances from 20 km to 100 km. The 2xBabia Góra SkyRace® and 3xBabia Góra Maratonu running routes are certified by the International Skyrunning Federation. These runs will be used to qualify for the Polish National Team for the European Skyrunning Championships, which will take place on July 14-16, 2023 in Montenegro. 9 years of Ultra Babia’s history are behind us. Here we give the floor to the Competitor who was the only one in the history of the race to become a two-time Finisher of the 6xBabia Góra Ultramarathon!

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

   Michał Sedlak recalls his adventure with Ultra Babia: “A few years ago, my friend Magda, now my wife, told me about a certain race. That you run up Babia Góra so many times, and that it is difficult, and such a distance… and maybe it wouldn’t interest me so much if she didn’t add that no one has ever completed this route within the time limit. I like challenges, so I ambitiously decided that I would do it, even though at that time I hadn’t even run in the mountains yet. I realized quite quickly that it wouldn’t be that easy. After a few trainings in the Babia Góra area, I realized where I was and what I was going to face. I realized that it was, to put it mildly, a false start on my part, so I had no choice but to get to know the beast from the inside, step by step.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

   The first ascent was supposed to be 1xBabia Góra, but I was injured and although I showed up at the event on the day of the start, I also acted as a volunteer and photographer. I returned home highly motivated to continue working and couldn’t wait for the next edition. I planned the second attempt at a marathon distance. Everything went according to plan until we reached Babia Góra, but we ran badly at the top, so we realized that the competition was over. The pressure of competition was gone and I was able to enjoy the route. Third approach and 3xBabia Góra. Here I was better prepared, 2 years of experience made a difference. From start to finish I felt I was in control of the race and I reached the finish line first.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.

Fourth approach and “overdue” 1xBabia Góra. I had a lot of fun running that day. It was gentle and easy to get to the top, I felt great, the weather was wonderful, so I started to accelerate and enjoy the run. Unfortunately, probably too much, because while running down Mała Babia, I hit a root and it’s obvious. The new shoes were ruined, the foot was damaged, but in the end everything ended positively. I was the first to reach the finish line. The fifth approach and the dream distance I had been waiting for for a long time. The curiosity about the route was huge. For the third attempt we ran with Grzesiek Ziejewski. It was a great cooperation, someone was constantly reminding me to drink, to save my legs, etc. A great run for me, although there were also problems, but who would remember that? Ultimately, I reached the finish line second. The sixth approach and an attempt to conquer 6xBabia Góra again. When I started, I felt confident that I would be able to finish. Unfortunately, I think after the third attempt I lost my vigilance and my head stopped, and then my body, or vice versa. I admit, it hurt a lot when I reached the finish line with only 4xBabia Góra.

Ultramarathon Babia Gora, photos from the route of the mountain running competition.
   Seventh ascent 6xBabia Góra for the third time. I made some mistakes here too. Until the fourth time, everything was going according to plan, and it was so good that on the 4th run I must have gotten carried away. The stomach was surprised, it protested and it was time to die. I didn’t think I would make it to the end, but so many people supported me and encouraged me that I came back to life after reaching the top for the fifth time. Ultimately, I came fourth at the finish line, and I was the first person to cover the distance of 6xBabia Góra twice, and I feel extremely good about it. This event made me start running in the mountains. From each edition I get something more than just the result in the form of a place at the finish line or finishing time. Because I like being here, because of the people, because of this area, because of the sentiment.”
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