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UltraKotlina is a combination of sporting effort and discovering the beauty of nature.

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Mountain trails of the UltraKotlina run.

   It all started with the Passage Around the Jelenia Góra Valley, a tourist event whose idea is to explore the mountains, meet new people and go hiking together. To complete the route independently, without any means of transport, carrying the necessary equipment and food on their backs. Helping others when needed. The whole thing is non-competitive – unless you see it as a fight against your own weaknesses. UltraKotlina is the “child” of the Passage Around the Jelenia Góra Valley. Some of the participants of the Passage – a tourist and non-sporting event – started to overcome it in a typical sporting way. The idea of an alternative event, UltraKotlina, was born.

Mountain trails of the UltraKotlina run.

   The Jelenia Góra Valley is the second largest valley in the Sudeten Mountains. It is situated in the Sudeten foothills at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains. It is bordered on the north by the Kaczawskie Mountains, on the east by the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains and on the west by the Jizera Mountains. The territory of the valley is very diverse – there are completely flat depressions and flat-bottomed river valleys, island hills, often with rocky outcrops. The whole area is surrounded on all sides by mountains. The Jelenia Góra Valley is attractive to tourists not only because of its topography. Here you can find beautiful areas for forest and mountain walks, cycling, climbing, kayaking on the Bóbr River and gliding, but also numerous monuments of the history of these lands: penitential crosses, castles, palaces and churches. The Jelenia Góra Valley has a lot to remember.

Mountain trails of the UltraKotlina run.

   The aim of the event is to popularise extreme running and mountain tourism by combining sporting activities with the discovery of the beauty of nature. To integrate the ultra running community by building a community with a passion for running and promoting safety rules in the mountains. To promote the valley itself by highlighting the tourist attractions of the region and supporting the local community.

   Organising an event with 6 distances is a logistical challenge. Many feeding points, different starting points and a large area require a precise organisation of the transport of competitors and finishers. The support of volunteers will be crucial to the success of the project. The routes are demanding, but they also offer participants the chance to enjoy picturesque landscapes. The longest and most challenging UltraKotlina route is 185 kilometres long and passes through all the mountain ranges of the Jelenia Góra Valley, the Karkonosze Mountains, Rudawy Janowickie, the Kaczawskie Mountains and the Jizera Mountains.

Mountain trails of the UltraKotlina run.
Mountain trails of the UltraKotlina run.
  • mobile phone (charged with the phone number of GOPR (985) and organizer 690 980 855)
  • ID card (physical or electronic)
  • minimum 1000 ml of water/drink
  • NRC foil
  • flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries (powerbank does not replace a spare battery)
  • a red light and a reflector (of any color, can be part of clothing) placed on the back
  • starting number (placed on the front of the body in a visible place)
  • and waterproof jacket
  • second layer with long sleeves
  • leggings/long trousers
  • snack (e.g. gel or energy bar)
  • a reusable water bottle or cup (no plastic cups at the points)
  • accident insurance (also valid in the Czech Republic)

    Recommended equipment:

  • power bank
  • wind and waterproof jacket (all distances)
  • trekking poles (the participant must cover the entire route with poles – leaving them or taking them during the run is prohibited. At the start, the poles must be attached to the backpack or waist pack, with the points down)
  • RATUNEK application loaded
Mountain trails of the UltraKotlina run.

   UltraKotlina attracts not only extreme running enthusiasts, but also shows the beauty of the Jelenia Góra Valley and encourages respect for the environment and a healthy lifesty

UltraKotlina180 – Distance: 182 km Elevation: +/- 6923 m   
UltraKotlina140 – Distance: 140 km Elevation: +/- 5484 m 
UltraKotlina80 – Distance: 78,7 km Elevation: +/- 2889 m 
UltraKotlina50 – Distance: 55,6 km Elevation: +/- 2118 m 
UltraKotlina30 – Distance: 34 km Elevation: +/- 1309 m 
UltraKotlina Sztafeta – Distance: 140 km Elevation: +/- 5484 m 

Event website: ultrakotlina.pl/en/
Photography: BikeLife and Dominik Sadowski

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