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Discovering the Bieszczady Mountains on the running festival route.

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Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.

   Considered one of the most beautiful places in Poland, the Bieszczady Mountains attract not only with their picturesque landscapes, rich flora and fauna, but also with their unique charm. Those who love nature cannot resist its fascination, and the Bieszczady Mountains will remain in their hearts forever. That is why running in these areas is a unique experience.
   UltraBies is a running festival organised by the inhabitants of Bieszczady especially for running enthusiasts who want to feel at home here. This is a place where beautiful nature and the unique charm of the region combine with a passion for sport. If you love running and want to experience unforgettable moments on the Bieszczady trails, UltraBies is the perfect choice for you.

Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.

   The Mityczny Bies is a unique challenge that takes place every three years during the UltraBies Festival. It is a 130-kilometre route that allows runners to explore the diversity of the Bieszczady Mountains, from Lake Solina to the highest parts of the mountains. It is not only a competition for victory, but above all a journey deep into yourself, a place where you can achieve the status of a Mythical Ultra. 
   The route of the Mityczny Bies starts in the quarry in Bóbrka and leads through many attractive places, such as the dams in Myczkowce and Solina, to the half-marathon and the checkpoint in Polańczyk. Then the runners climb higher and higher parts of the Bieszczady Mountains, visiting checkpoints in Górzanka, Łopienka, Cisna and many other places. The route is intuitive and leads through areas where you can feel the mythical atmosphere of the Bieszczady Mountains. 

Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.

   The Mityczny Bies route offers challenges, including challenging climbs and steep descents, but also the support of teams of volunteers on hand to help runners. The time limit for completing the route is 29 hours. This is an unforgettable adventure that will stay with you forever, and an opportunity to achieve Mythic Ultra status. If you are ready for this challenge, join the Mityczny Bies and follow the path of mythical stories in the heart of the Bieszczady Mountains. 

   From the beginning, the organizers assumed that the longest distance of the event would only appear in the third edition. Mityczny Bies 130+ will debut in 2024, replacing Dziarski Czad 102+. And from then on, the longest distance is to be held every three years, with the shorter route of Dziarski Czad returning during the breaks. 

Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.
  • Bib number placed in a visible and legible position on the front of the garment.
  • Charged mobile phone with Ratunek application installed
  • NRC, at least 140x200cm
  • Headlamp with a set of spare batteries
  • The rear light must be red
  • A whistle
  • Reusable cup (the organiser does not provide disposable cups at the checkpoints)
  • A canteen/water bottles with a total capacity of at least 1 litre and a water supply of at least 1 litre at the exit of each feeding point.
  • GPS device with the recorded track of the route
  • Map of the route
  • Hooded rain jacket with a minimum waterproof rating of 10,000mm (whatever the expected weather)
  • Trail shoes
  • Buff or similar
  • Elastic bandage
  • Identity card or passport
  • GOPR (Polish Mountain Rescue Service) number or Ratunek app installed
  • Cash at least 50 PLN

Suggested equipment
Clothing suitable for the weather

Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.

   Dziarski Czad is a unique race that starts in picturesque Polańczyk, right next to the charming Eko Marina marina, and ends in the cosy Skup Runa Leśnego inn in Dołżyca. This is the most challenging and longest route of the UltraBies festival (when Mythic Fiend is not taking place). At 102 kilometres long, your running adventure will begin at Lake Solina in the heart of the Bieszczady Mountains. Along the way, you will come across charming towns such as Górzanka, Kalinówka, Zdybka and Haworno, with unique architecture typical of the area. The Dziarski Czad also passes through Cisna and Żubracze, allowing you to conquer peaks such as Korbani, Łopiennik, Hyrlata, Duże Jasło, Dziurkowiec and Paportna. The landscapes seen from these peaks will surely remain in your memory forever.

Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.

   The Dziarski Chad route has six checkpoints spaced a few kilometres apart. These are perfect places to take a short rest, replenish your fluids and enjoy a hot meal. One of them is located in the famous Chatka Wędrowca in Wetlina, which is very charming. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of the route is the opportunity to visit the Orłowicz Pass, located in the heart of the Bieszczady National Park. To ensure the safety of the runners, the GOPR medical service will be present along the route. Although the Dziarski Chad route is not the easiest, every runner who decides to take part in it will not only feel great satisfaction at the end of the race, but will also be able to experience the beauty that cannot be described in words. You have to see it with your own eyes! The time limit for completing the route is 22 hours.

Bieszczady landscapes during the UltraBies mountain run.

   The Bieszczady Mountains are a charming area in the south-eastern part of Poland. Thanks to their picturesque views, the Bieszczady Mountains attract tourists all year round, even outside the tourist season. It is in this picturesque mountain region that trail running enthusiasts can test their skills by taking part in an event known as the Ultrabies Mountain Runs.

Mityczny Bies – Distance: 130+ km Elevation: + 6125/- 5950 m  
Dziarski Czad – Distance: 102+ km Elevation: + 4850/- 4750 m  
Niezniszczalny Raróg – Distance: 65+ km Elevation: + 2800/- 2625 m  
Zwodnicza Rusałka – Distance: 44+ km Elevation: + 1975 /- 1825 m  
Niestrudzony San – Distance: 30+ km Elevation: + 1625/- 1575 m 
Przebiegły Leszy – Distance: 10+ km Elevation: + 475/- 550 m 

Event website: ultrabies.pl/en/
Photography: Ultralovers – Jacek Deneka

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