ULTRA WAY Running Festival

North Kashubian trail routes from 10km to 100 miles, leading through both coastal areas and steep hills.

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Participants covering the route of the ULTRA WAY Running Festival.

   North Kashubia is becoming more and more popular on the Polish running map. For several years now, the Ultra Way Running Festival has been attracting runners who want to try their hand at the routes leading through the Tricity Landscape Park, the Darżlubska Forest and the Pełcznica Nature Reserve. The festival is organised by the ULTRA WAY TEAM. It is a group of lovers of running and all kinds of activities. Here you will find runners of all kinds: asphalt, off-road, ultra, amateur, competitive and triathlon.

The 160km route of the ULTRA WAY Running Festival.

   As the organizer writes:

“The ULTRA WAY Running Festival is a two-day event that combines competition, sport, beautiful surroundings, fun and a positive dose of emotions. The Kashubian Lake District is undoubtedly one of the most interesting regions in Poland. Don’t be fooled by the flat landscape. Here you will find everything that nature can give to man in its simplest and most beautiful form: a bay, dunes, sea cliffs, a beach, hills, natural monuments, places of martyrdom during the Second World War, beautiful, breathtaking panoramas.” 

Participants covering the route of the ULTRA WAY Running Festival.

   The routes are designed to show the most beautiful corners of Kashubia. Every time they discover something new for runners. It is not enough to come here once, as the routes of individual races are changed and modified. Those who decide to take part in the race again for the same distance will be able to admire many completely unknown places, natural monuments and tourist trails. Participants will have to cross winding streams and small rivers hidden in small valleys. The nature of the terrain will change constantly, from flat, several-kilometre sections along the beach to real mountain climbs and steep descents. Sometimes the routes run along well-trodden, hard gravel roads that cut through the forest and then, after a while, return to the forest thicket. Runners will have to jump over bushes, negotiate puddles, walk over or under fallen tree stumps and run through narrow gorges, all the while watching out for uneven terrain.

Participants covering the route of the ULTRA WAY Running Festival.
  • The route course (provided by the organizer) must be uploaded to the watch, phone or other navigation device;
  • Clothing suited to the weather conditions;
  • Hat or buff;
  • A backpack or belt that holds all mandatory equipment;
  • Container/containers (bottles/water bottles) containing min. 1 liter of fluids;
  • A working, switched on, charged mobile phone with the organizer’s telephone number saved;
  • Windbreaker jacket;
  • Headlamp with white light (with charged batteries);
  • NRC foil;
  • Starting number with chip;
  • ID card;
  • Minimum PLN 50 in cash for small purchases (shops available along the way);
  • Your own cup/container (there will be no plastic cups at the points);
  • All gels, bars, etc. that the PARTICIPANT takes on the route must be signed with the PARTICIPANT’S starting number.

Printed route map (downloadable from the organizer’s website), the organizer does not provide paper maps.

Participants covering the route of the ULTRA WAY Running Festival.

   By exploring the festival routes, you will experience the full spectrum of emotions and have the chance to immerse yourself in the diverse experiences of trail running. Participants in the longest distances will spend a significant part of the course running in the dark. Anyone who has run alone through the woods knows the intense emotions that come with the experience. The feeling of uncertainty, listening to every rustling sound in the dense forest, looking out for the glowing eyes of animals in the dark, searching for the right direction and sometimes facing the spring cold at night – all this adds up to an unforgettable experience.

   Routes of the summer edition of the Ultra Way Running Festival

Gwiazda Północy 160km+ – Distance: 164,49 km Elevation: +/- 4355 m    
W Blasku Księżyca 100 km+ – Distance: 104 km Elevation: +/- 3144 m  
Klify o Poranku 50 km+ – Distance: 51,68 km Elevation: +/- 2061 m  
Słoneczne Popołudnie 27 km+ – Distance: 27,63 km Elevation: +/- 1071 m  
Nadmorski Mendel 14 km+ – Distance: 14,18 km Elevation: +/- 579 m

   Routes of the winter edition of the Ultra Way Running Festival

Nocny Jeleń 76 km+ – Distance: 76,38 km Elevation: +/- 2677 m    
Tropem Rysia 54 km+ – Distance: 54,16 km Elevation: +/- 1849 m  
Pół Dzika 27 km+ – Distance: 27,66 km Elevation: +/- 1006 m  
Szybka Sarna 10 km+ – Distance: 10,62 km Elevation: +/- 386 m

Event website: ultra-way.pl
Photography: Ultralovers – Jacek Deneka

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