Ultra Duch Puszczy

Bicycle Ultramarathon in the heart of Podlasie.

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Participants on the Ultra Duch Puszczy route.

   Podlasie, a picturesque region on the eastern border of Poland, is a place of mysterious beauty and extraordinary nature. However, for those who want to experience an amazing adventure and get to know these areas in an active and unique way, there is an event that attracts cyclists from all over the country – Ultra Duch Puszczy. It is a cycling ultra-marathon that offers participants the opportunity to explore not only the picturesque landscapes of Podlasie, but also its wild nature and cultural heritage. Ultra Duch Puszczy is a unique opportunity to travel through one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. The event starts and finishes in the charming town of Białowieża, 200 km from Warsaw. Here, in the heart of the ancient forest, the participants will start their cycling adventure, which promises many unforgettable moments.

Participants on the Ultra Duch Puszczy route.

   One of the greatest treasures of Podlasie are its animals. On the forest part of the route you can meet the majestic bison, one of the symbols of the region. It is the true king of the local forests. Further along the route is the Biebrza National Park, known for its picturesque wetlands, swamps and peat bogs. Here you have a chance to see a moose wandering leisurely through these areas. This is an encounter with wildlife that will remain in your memory forever. The ultramarathon routes also pass through the Land of Open Shutters, where beautifully decorated wooden houses exude a fairytale aura. This is a place where the past and the present intertwine to create a unique atmosphere. During the Ultra Duch Puszczy, cyclists will have the opportunity to explore the Knyszyńska Forest, shaded by the Supraśl mast pines, known from films, TV series and the legendary ‘Forest Spirit’.

Participants on the Ultra Duch Puszczy route.

   The event offers six different route options, which will satisfy both fast road riders and those who prefer gravel and dirt tracks. The routes run through the picturesque areas of Podlasie, taking cyclists through many charming villages with traditional architecture, as well as through areas of national parks.

Route: road
Ultra Mini Duszek 100 – Distance 100 km, Surface: local asphalt roads
Ultra Duch Szosa 240 – Distance 240 km, Surface: local asphalt roads
Ultra Duch Szosa 530 – Distance 530 km, Surface: local asphalt roads
Mega Ultra Duch Szosa 1220 – Distance 1220 km, Surface: local asphalt roads

Route: gravel, unpaved roads, road
Ultra Duch Gravel 240 – Distance: 240 km, Surface: gravel, unpaved roads – 70%, asphalt – 30%
Ultra Duch Gravel 560 – Distance: 560 km, Surface: gravel, unpaved roads – 60%, asphalt – 30%

   Please remember, however, that participants ride at their own risk. Cycling ultramarathon is a challenge that requires proper physical preparation and equipment. However, the reward for overcoming these difficulties is not only sporting satisfaction, but also the opportunity to experience the charm and beauty of Podlasie in a unique way.

Participants on the Ultra Duch Puszczy route.

   If you are a lover of adventure, beautiful views and unusual places in Poland, Ultra Duch Puszczy is an event worth putting on your calendar. This is a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and wildness of Podlasie, to learn about its history and culture, and to meet the wild inhabitants of these lands. Discover this pristine place in the heart of Poland and become a true Ultra Forest Spirit! I wonder if you will find time to taste the original, legendary spirit of the forest after the ultramarathon? You certainly deserve it!

Event website: ultraduchpuszczy.pl
Photography: event organizer’s gallery

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