The oldest night ultramarathon in Poland

Sudecka Setka – undulating terrain, numerous short but steep ascents and equally difficult descents.

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Sudecka Setka - The oldest night ultramarathon in Poland.

   The history of the Sudecka Setka, the oldest night ultramarathon in Poland, dates back to 1987. At that time, a group of enthusiasts from the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society decided to take on a new challenge – a 100-kilometre run on foot in the Wałbrzych and Kamienne mountains. Two years later, the name “Sudecka Setka” was born and the event began to develop, becoming the oldest ultramarathon in Poland.
   The Sudecka Setka began at a time when recreational running was rare and ultramarathons in the mountains were practically unknown. The first edition under the current name took place in 1989, and since then the culture of long-distance cycling has developed dynamically. Nowadays, the Sudecka Setka is no longer a tourist rally, but a night ultramarathon, which makes this already legendary event even more challenging and unique.

Sudecka Setka - The oldest night ultramarathon in Poland.

   What makes the Sudecka Valley unique? It is, of course, not only its status and fascinating history, but above all a picturesque route through the most beautiful and at the same time most challenging corners of the Wałbrzych and Karkonosze Mountains. Boguszów – Gorce, a town in the Sudetes, Lower Silesia, 100 km south-west of Wroclaw. It is the base of the competition and the starting and finishing point. A characteristic feature of the town is its altitude, ranging from 450 to 650 metres above sea level. Thanks to this, one of the showpieces of the town is the Market Square and the Town Hall, the highest in Poland (592 m above sea level).
   The Wałbrzych and Kamienne Mountains, although seemingly modest, can surprise runners. The undulating terrain, numerous short but steep climbs and equally difficult descents make even a one-day trip to peaks such as Borowa or Chełmiec a challenge. Not to mention a 100-kilometre night run in an area densely packed with peaks over 3,000 metres. All this in the relatively low mountains of the Central Sudetes. Competitors will be able to finish the 100km run early, at a checkpoint at 75km, and return to the event base from there. In addition to the main race and its opening stage, there is also the Mountain Night Marathon over a distance of 42 km.

Sudecka Setka - The oldest night ultramarathon in Poland.

   The marked route means that participants do not have to worry about getting lost. Bright yellow fluorescent triangles indicate the direction of travel and are placed every 500 metres on a non-intersecting route. Where decisions need to be made, directional pictograms are placed before and after the crossroads, and additional red and white warning tape helps in slightly problematic areas. Mileage boards appear every 10 kilometres and warning signs are placed at particularly difficult points.
   It should also be noted that although the Sudecka Setka takes place at the end of June, theoretically in summer, the weather can be changeable. From heat, to rain, to knee-deep mud, to fog that can be thick enough to cut with a knife. Although not always associated with harsh mountain weather, the Sudetes can surprise even the most experienced runners.
   The Sudecka Setka is not only a sporting challenge, but also a journey through the history and beauty of the Sudetes, which participants experience during a unique night run.

Sudecka Setka – Distance: 96 km Elevation: +/- 3543 m  
Night Mountain Marathon – Distance: 45 km Elevation: +/- 1517 m  

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