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Pomerania Ultra-Trail – running on the Moraine Hills.

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Pomerania Trails running routes.

   Kashubia, a cultural region in the north of Poland, is a part of Gdañsk Pomerania, a place inhabited by Kashubians, indigenous Pomeranians who speak the Kashubian language. This region, with its varied terrain, offers picturesque landscapes, and the Szymbarskie Hills, also called the Moraine Hills, are the most impressive mountain range in Kashubia. The highest peak is Wieżyca (328.6 m above sea level), which is also the highest point in Kashubia and the Central European Lowland.

Pomerania Trails running routes.

   Pomorania Trail is a running challenge that takes participants along the Kashubian trails. During the event we can choose from a variety of routes tailored to the abilities of each runner, from those just starting their adventure to experienced veterans of ultra running. This challenge will allow participants to face their weaknesses, go beyond their own limits and experience an unforgettable adventure that will remain in their memory forever.
  The organizer of this unique event is the Pomerania Sports Association, which cooperates with local sports centers to provide unique experiences during running competitions on trails in northern Poland. The competition takes place on the hilly trails of Pomerania and Kashubia, with the event base in KJ Barłomino. The Pomerania Ultra Trail has five distances: 100 km, 65 km, 42 km, 21 km and 11 km – cross-country running at its best.

Pomerania Trails running routes.

   The route runs along safe, well-marked and picturesque paths through the communes of Łęczyce, Luzino and Lębork. The varied and challenging terrain of the Kashubian forests is an ideal backdrop for long and demanding routes. Five well-stocked buffets along the route are an added advantage, offering participants delicacies in the form of biscuits and cream tubes. A maximum time limit of 16 hours has been set for the longest distance of 100 km. The route, with a total elevation gain of up to 2,300 metres, leads through the picturesque landscapes of Pomerania, including: the Reda River Valley, the Paraszyńskie Wąwozy Reserve, Samotnik Pond, the Wielistowskie Źródła Reserve, including climbing Jelenia and Narożna Góra, and then towards Lake Lubowidzkie.

Pomerania Trails running routes.
  • ID card/passport
  • headlamp
  • NRC foil, at least 140×200 cm
  • active mobile phone
  • minimum one liter water bottle or water bottle, soft can
  • water cup (no disposable cups)
  • GPS tracker (obligatory collection at the competition office)
  • starting number pinned on the front
  • a timing chip attached to the shoe/lace
  • running backpack, vest or running belt
  • hat/multifunctional scarf/headband
Pomerania Trails running routes.

   Participants not only take part in a physical challenge, but also have the opportunity to discover the beauty of nature and cultural heritage of the Kashubian region. The Pomerania Ultra Trail is an event that highlights the indomitable spirit of runners and the fascinating beauty of the route. Whether you are an experienced ultra runner or a novice, the Pomerania Ultra Trail will entice you with difficult routes, picturesque landscapes and the promise of unforgettable experiences in the heart of Kashubia. Rise to the challenge and embark on a journey that will push your physical limits while celebrating the spirit of endurance.

Pomerania Trails running routes.

Pomerania Ultra-Trail® – 100 km – Distance: 100 km Elevation: +/- 2350 m  
Pomerania Trail – 65 km– Distance: 65 km Elevation: +/- 1700 m  
Pomerania Trail – 42 km – Distance: 42 km Elevation: +/- 1300 m  
Pomerania Trail – 21 km – Distance: 21 km Elevation: +/- 600 m  
Pomerania Trail – 11 km – Distance: 11 km Elevation: +/- 300 m 

Event website: pomeraniatrail.pl/en/
Photography: organizer’s materials

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