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Malofatranská stovka is a race in the beautiful surroundings of Malá Fatra.

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   Slovakia has many attractions, beautiful landscapes, rich history and culture, and a warm and hospitable society. Just over the Polish border there are many treasures worth visiting. One of them is the extremely picturesque and beautiful Malá Fatra. Malá Fatra is a 40km long mountain range in central Slovakia. The local hills are characterised by steep peaks, forested slopes and beautiful views. The highest peak is Wielki Kriváň at 1,709 metres above sea level.

   The Malofatranská stovka (MF100) is a challenging long-distance walk or run, individual or relay, usually held in early July in the Mala Fatra mountains. The event is organised by o.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL in cooperation with volunteers and event partners.

   The Malofatranská stovka runs through the protected areas of the Malá Fatra National Park, mainly along marked tourist paths, starting in Terchová and then through Krivánská Malá Fatra to Lipovec (direction MF50) and then through Łúčanská Fatra to Fačkovské sedlo (direction MF100). Almost the entire route (>95%) runs along forest and mountain paths with several significant ascents and descents. There are several partially exposed sections on the route, which are secured with chains and ladders. To successfully complete any of the MF100 routes, you must be in excellent physical condition and have sufficient experience in ultra-mountain running.

   The idea of organising a 100 km marathon in the Mala Fatra mountains was born at the end of 2012, at a time when new Slovak long-distance marathons had already been created in the mountains of Vtáčnik and Tríbeča (Ponitrianska 100), Považské Inovec (Letecká 100), Javorník (100 km Javorníkmi), Kysucami (Kysucká 100) or the first 100-mile race in Slovakia (100 miles through the Small Carpathians). The route of the marathon changes from year to year, but the start (Terchová) and finish (Fačkovské sedlo) remain the same. The route mainly covers mountainous areas, tourist trails and many significant climbs and descents. In 2020, the route will also run through valleys with towns, so participants will have the chance to try it out and even run a bit on asphalt. In recent years, the organisers have also introduced round-trip sections. As mentioned above, the length of the route varies but is always over 100 kilometres.

MF100 Ultra Individuals – Distance: 107 km Elevation: +/- 6580 m
MF50 Ultra Individuals – Distance: 56 km Elevation: + 3910 m /- 4040 m
MF33 Ultra Individuals – Distance: 35 km Elevation: + 2380 m /- 2510 m  

   Despite the fact that Slovakians and Czechs are in the majority at the start, the beautiful and unique trails that offer the best of everything have gained popularity and recognition in neighbouring countries, which is why competitors from Poland, Hungary, Germany and France are increasingly taking part.

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Photography: Michal Kostka

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