The Butcher's Run

Bieszczady is a land of space, magic and hidden secrets. Hardly anyone remains indifferent to the charms served by the local nature. It’s beautiful, wonderful, exciting. 

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Mountain runners on the route of the Bieg Rzeznika festival, an ultramarathon held in the Bieszczady Mountains.

     When you think of resting away from the hustle and bustle, you say Bieszczady. For decades, the southern regions of Podkarpackie have been attracting restless souls who want to rediscover the energy that comes from contact with nature. Hospitable, yet untamed, they are waiting for you if you are brave enough to experience the primeval and the beautiful. 

Mountain runners on the route of the Bieg Rzeznika festival, an ultramarathon held in the Bieszczady Mountains.

     The Bieszczady Mountains are a place where you can find beautiful nature and a complex history. They consist of two mountain ranges in the Carpathian Mountains, located at the southernmost tip of Poland. Their exact location is between the Łupkowska Pass and the Wyszków Pass. They are part of the Eastern Beskids and their area is divided into the Western Bieszczady Mountains, which are in Poland and Ukraine, and the Eastern Bieszczady Mountains, which are entirely in Ukraine. Finally, it is a place to return to. Especially as there is a lot to return to – there are many remarkable places in its region.

Mountain runners on the route of the Bieg Rzeznika festival, an ultramarathon held in the Bieszczady Mountains.

    Every year, on the long weekend in June, the Bieg Rzeźnika Foundation (Butcher’s Run Foundation) invites runners to take part in the Bieszczady Running Festival. The event offers various distances, from 10 to over 100 kilometres, with the famous Butcher’s Run as the centrepiece.
     The name “Butcher’s Run” comes from the name of the club that originated it, “OTK Butcher.” The name is based on a bet made by members of the club to complete a walk of the red Bieszczady trail in one day. Over the years, the run became popular and turned into an extreme tourist rally through the Bieszczady Mountains.  

Mountain runners on the route of the Bieg Rzeznika festival, an ultramarathon held in the Bieszczady Mountains.

     The main goal of the Butcher’s Run has remained unchanged for 20 years – fun and safety while running on mountain trails. The festival is a social rally of running enthusiasts and fans of the Bieszczady Mountains, giving runners an opportunity to unite around a common passion.   The almost eighty-kilometre route of the Butchers’ Run leads from Komańcza to Ustrzyki Górne, along the Bieszczady Red Trail, with breathtaking views of Cisna, Jasło and Fereczata, Smerek and pastures. The race is run in pairs, which began as a desire to prioritise safety, but has now become an integral part of the Butcher’s Run’s identity. Running in pairs is much more challenging than running alone and encourages teamwork, responsibility and cooperation between team members. The time limit for completing the race is 16 hours. 

Mountain runners on the route of the Bieg Rzeznika festival, an ultramarathon held in the Bieszczady Mountains.

  The Bieg Rzeźnika Running Festival gives runners the opportunity to get to know the breathtaking beauty of the Bieszczady Mountains during a difficult and exciting run. The Butcher’s Run in particular is a unique event that emphasises the importance of teamwork, safety and community, making it an unforgettable experience for runners and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Biegu Rzeźnika Ultra – Distance: 107 km Elevation: +4654 m/ -4654 m 
Biegu Rzeźnika – Distance: 80 km Elevation: +3000 m/ -2993 m
Rzeźnik Sky – Distance: 47 km Elevation: +2685 m/ -2684 m 
Rzeźniczek – Distance: 28 km Elevation: +1052 m/ -1778 m

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Photography: Jacek Deneka – Ultralovers


Butcher's Run - Time of ultra heroes.

Press release after the 2023 edition.
   This year’s 9th Butcher’s Run Festival will traditionally take place on the Bieszczady trails on June 7-10, 2023. In addition to the iconic Butcher’s Run in pairs, several other, more or less demanding distances are planned for 4 days:

  • Maraton Rzeźnika – distance 52 km 
  • Rzeźnicki Marsz z Walking Lovers – distance 16 km 
  • Bieg Rzeźnika (w parach) – distance 84 km 
  • Bieg Rzeźnika Ultra – distance 95 km 
  • Rzeźniczek – distance 28 km 
  • Dycha na Jeleni Skok – distance 11 km 
  • Rzeźnicki Szlem – distance 175 km 
  • Biegi dla dzieci 
Forest routes of the Rzeznik run.

   As Mirosław Bieniecki, President of the Bieg Rzeźnika Foundation, says:

   When, at the beginning of 2004, we decided to run the red Bieszczady trail, mountain running in Poland was just beginning to develop, internet forums were in their infancy, there was no Facebook! The decision itself was the result of a bet made several years earlier, in which me and my friend Arek Załęcki bet that the route from Komańcza to Ustrzyki Górne could be covered in one day.

   The idea to turn it into a run was the result of conversations held during mountain runs about organizing a running event ourselves someday. After this first time, another one came, and another one, and in a few days we will meet at the 20th Edition of the Butcher’s Run, which has evolved in the meantime from a social event for 10 people to the rank of a cult race, with over 750 couples at the start. From a friendly meeting to the Butcher’s Run Festival for several thousand runners.

Forest routes of the Rzeznik run.

   The 9th Butcher’s Run Festival begins on Wednesday, June 7, with the opening of the competition office. On Thursday, June 8 (Corpus Christi), the 2nd Butcher’s Marathon starts, which is the summer version of the autumn Bieszczady ultramarathon (52 km) and the Butcher’s March with Walking Lovers with Robert and Justyna Korzeniowski (16 km from Solinka to Cisna). On Friday, June 9, the Ultra Butcher’s Run starts on a beautiful route leading through Jasło, Smerek, Rawki, the border range, Hyrlata to Cisna, and the classic Butcher’s Run in pairs, from Komańcza, through Cisna, Rabia Skała, Hyrlata, Rożki … to Cisna ( 84 km). Those who do not run can take part in shooting training with 7.62 Group instructors at the shooting range in Nowy Łupków. On Saturday, June 10, the event will close with Rzeźniczek (29 km), Dycha na Jeleni Skok (12 km around Cisna) and children’s runs under the general name – Rzeźnitańcz. The whole thing is completed by evening concerts with long entertainment.

Press release.
Photography: Magdalena Sedlak

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